Longview, Texas

“I’ll never look at a child in the same way again!” “This is truly what the world needs now!”-Comments by workshop participants

The purpose of this workshop is to educate parents, teachers, professionals, and anyone interested in helping our kids. We will address not just the vulnerable children in our families and lives but our still vulnerable inner children. Yes, the foundation of helping children is to help our own wounded inner children and meet their needs. In this manner, we can stop the cycle of passing on our pain to the next generation, and we can heal the unresolved trauma that we so often pass down. The more people learn to apply this information wherever they go, the fewer children will be “left behind.”
Come prepared to learn, participate, and leave inspired! 

For information: 903-850-6334

October 24, 2020

Cost: $49.95 Lunch not included

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How to Grow Healthy Children in a Toxic Pressure-Cooker World


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